Data Conversion 2D to 3D

Data Conversion 2D to 3D

Do you have a large archive of 2D CAD data or paper drawings? No problem, we use it to model parametric 3D models for parts and assemblies.

You can easily import, edit and use this data in your 3D CAD system. We can modify your existing designs on request and implement your ideas according to your design guidelines. With modern 3D CAD systems, development is much more efficient, faster and more economical than with conventional 2D CAD systems.

Even in the early design phase, reliable statements can be made about masses, accelerations, forces, service life - which with 2D-CAD could usually only be achieved after several production runs.

‍Drawing Creation / Drawing Derivation

Drawing Creation / Drawing Derivation

CAM programming and online production are not yet fully feasible in most companies due to the high purchase price and the lack of staff. A lack of serial quantities usually does not allow the installation of a CAM process.

For this reason, a 2D drawing is still required in 80% of companies for manual programming of the machines and component assembly in the workshop.

We create these drawings for you – according to your specifications.

Mechanical Design Support

Mechanical Design Support

We offer you the entire spectrum of design support.

From the detailed mechanical design of individual components to the complete system development together with you, we successfully implement your ideas in the CAD system or revise existing projects.

We can work for you in your design department on site - and that also worldwide.

With fluent English, both spoken and written, we are able to bring our knowledge, experience and concept to your employees worldwide.