Installation concepts of machines in existing plant environments

Using 3D CAD, the entire existing building situation can be recorded in order to be able to precisely plan new machines and plant components. This planning may include changes to the buildings / steel structures, as well as newly constructed machine foundations and structures – that we will suggest then.

Longlife guidance and sealing system

We have developed a special Longlife guide system for block machines, which is used in 2-3 shift operations, with a correspondingly long-lasting seal for the guide columns. The life span of this system clearly exceeds the values of commercially available standard systems. The exact guiding of the tamperhead is maintained over a long period of time, with hardly any maintenance.

If the structural built of the machine allows it, the system can be built in as a customized retrofitting kit.

Replacement of the existing subframe / Installation of a 4-Motor Servo Vibration

For the replacement of the bottom section of a machine frame, we have developed a standard replacement concept in which the bottom frame is removed – and replaced by a separate frame + new 4 Motor vibration. The new replacement frame has a heavy, more than solid mechanical design – so that the shock-like vibratory forces can be reliably derived into the foundations.

The new 4-Motor Servo Vibration is infinitely adjustable in speed (frequency) and amplitude (stroke of the table).

It can thus be reliably adjusted to the existing mold set / product portfolio of the customer.

A maximum compaction force of 16 tons can be generated, which is more than sufficient for really any compaction task in the concrete block industry.

The four vibrator housings are oil bath lubricated and maintenance free, within their guaranteed lifetime.

The example in the photo shows this installation kit in a existing machine, Schlosser Type BH 30, built around 1983.

After correspondingly re-setting the machine parameters, the results to be seen could be achieved on the board.

The products have an incredible density / compaction and look like they are produced on a machine built today !