In order to be able to produce appropriate mechanical designs efficiently at any location in the world, it is important that the designs are pre-structured according to production resources.

This needs to be done already early in the design phase of the product!

By using this methodology, significant potentials for cost reduction in production can be realized.

We advise you on the specific object / assembly / component – how efficient mechanical engineering production looks and can be implemented in real life.

Models / drawings and bills of materials are created according to production, with our help on site.

  • Market related product conception and technical specification
  • Optimal 3D CAD model creation
  • Detailed design of large welding assemblies, weld process technology
  • Detailed strategies for the right machining strategy, of large weld assemblies
  • Detailed concepts for the correct assembly and commissioning of the machine
  • Instructions for the optimization of the machines and the controls of the machines
  • Execution of the commissioning of the machines / devices on site Implementing a structured approach for machine security, based on CE Standard

We don't leave it to paper concepts – we implement with you directly on site!