With almost 30 years of experience in the field of concrete block production and plant design, we have a wide range of solutions to bring the customer decisively further. A large number of completed projects in the national and international environment give us this planning security.


  • Increasing the value of the finished product with surface refinement processes on the wet and dry side of the plant
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and layout failures in the existing production plant, replacement of limiting components.
  • Increasing the output of the system, increasing the availability of the whole plant for production.
  • Improvement of production quality, reduction of customer complaints.

Revision / conversions of vibration support frames for existing machines

If the foundation and the installation environment have the necessary trustworthy basic substance, we will create a customer-specific conversion concept for you. Strategies for installing single and double tables can be implemented. It is also possible to convert to modern Longlife vibration systems if the structural conditions are right.

Conception and Mechanical design of block machines

We develop complete concepts for the design / production of concrete block machines of all known board sizes. Our product range varies from the easy, simple standard machine to the high-end machine for constant 3-shift production.

In our work, we take into account the market-oriented machine design (machine size, performance, price), the cost-effective procurement of purchase parts, as well as the efficient product structuring and production of the machine components.

The 3D CAD design phase as well as the production phase are reliably monitored and accompanied by us in order to achieve a very high production quality already with the first machines built. The machines can be equipped with all standard vibration systems, up to the high-end 4 motors servo vibration – with SEW drive technology.

Retrofits / conversions for vibrations

We equip existing machines with our proven and tested Longlife vibration system in order to achieve significant increases in plant availability and compaction capability of the products for you. Average lifetime of the vibration housings are 2-3 years without maintenance. (Depending on shift system)

Modifications for mold clamping according to customer requirements

The optimal function of the mold clamping has a decisive influence on the vibration of the mold and the corresponding uniform and levelled filling of the mold. With our customized solutions, we can offer appropriate solutions that allow flexible adjustment to a wide range of production conditions and molding systems. Talk to us about the details of this system!

Modifications of the filling cars according to customer requirements

We create filling cars according to your individual needs or provide a concept according to our experience. Tell us your special requirements – we will implement it, fitting for every block machine on the worldwide market!

Optimization of plant planning / layout

We optimize the existing or newly constructed plant with regard to the basic planning. An advantageous planning that includes many empirical values and experiences of an optimal plant operation, will definitely pay off for years to come. The plant concept must take into account, an expected service life of 15-20 years. Likewise, a “future-proof” planning strategy must be implemented right from the start, too. Capacity expansion and easy product change must be planned. We have the experience to ensure that!

Servo E-Packerhead

The design concept of our E-Packerhead is based on the use of exclusively electric motor drives – for a powerful and dynamic movement of the mast, cat, and rotating garb.

The grab is driven electro-pneumatically, for fast travel movements through the electric motors, and a finely adjustable clamping force application for the product to be packaged (thin wall thicknesses, green condition of the product).

This drive concept enables the free programming of the packerhead in any way, and protects the customer’s products from contamination by hydraulic oil in the event of creeping leaks of the lifting device or grab.

Cycle times of less than 10 s per individual layer are possible with the corresponding SEW drive technology. In terms of control, a wide range of customer needs can be implemented, including additional tasks to be carried out with the packerhead.

The entire structure of the mechanical components is characterized by a robust design type, which is consistently designed for 3-shift operation. The standard payload of the Servo E packager is 600 kg, other payloads please on request.

Board buffer in the plant

In order to be able to produce products up to 500 mm height with the plant, only every 2nd board is used during production. This means that almost half of the boards in the system must be temporarily stored in a buffer. Depending on the space available in the system, the board buffer must be designed accordingly. The illustration shows a possible variant – for steel boards 1400 x 1100 x 15.

Drum turner

If due to lack of space on the dryside system, the board can’t be rotated in 2 positions, the principle of the drum turner can be used in the plant.

Stone layer pusher

The stone layer pusher can be used to feed the individual layers of stones to various surface finishing stations. The device is equipped with a lift and slide function, with which up to. 400 kg heavy stone layers can be pushed fast to the right position.

Board Elevator / Board Lowerator

Board Elevator / Board Lowerator can be created in any conceivable design. Up to 22 leves / single stroke / double stroke. Important functions such as long-lasting chains, chain guides and chain positioning are part of our standard concept. Smart drive technology is a must here.

Board stacker / board destacker / board transfer

The board stacking device is used to form and dissolve the board packages. The design shown here allows gentle board stacking without any board wear. The device can also be used for easy board transfer from point to point, with slewing gear – 90 ° turning is possible, too. Short cycle times are easily accessible with this device.